Twice Declined (PRESENT)

You choose NOT to commit to completing your first quest by the challenged date. And quite frankly, you're a little annoyed you got asked the same question twice. What? Did they think you'd change your mind? You continue reading... this time it's a message from Quest Scouts.

So you've decided NOT to accept the Fresh Scout Challenge. No worries! The purpose for the Fresh Scouts Challenge was to throw you into Quest Scouts head first. We find that when we don't give ourselves deadlines for things that we enjoy, we don't get to do them as often as we like. That's why, at Quest Scouts, quests exist for a limited time. (Usually about 6 months.) The weekend leading up to the archival of a quest when a quest sees the most action!
But maybe you're not the type of person who does well with deadlines. Or maybe, there really is way too much going on in your life at the moment. Or hey- maybe you're just not interested!
Whatever the reason you chose not to take the challenge, we hope you stick around... Even if it's just to observe for a while. We'll be here waiting when you're ready.

For now, you decide it's not the right time to start questing. Maybe you'll join Quest Scouts in the future, or maybe not. And that works for you.