Micro Quest BINGO - I 29 - Find


New Scout Info:

The "find" objective will expose you to location based games. A lot of our Quest Scouts come from both the geocaching and letterboxing community. Coincidentally, most scouts tend to prefer one over the other. Sometimes in jest we call them "team geocache" or "team letterbox," as they are part of separate communities. At Quest Scouts we usually highlight geocaching, but are also a fan of letterboxing! (And we love our letterboxing Scouts!) Most "find" quests can be completed by finding a geocache OR letterbox with specific characteristics. 

Not sure which "team" you belong to? We suggest trying them both! Geocaching is a high tech treasure hunt. Geocachers use a GPS or their smart phone to locate hidden containers. Once they find the container, they sign their name in the logbook (found inside the container) and then "log" their caches online. While there are a few different geocaching websites, the most popular (by far) is Groundspeak. You may also want to check out this video.

Letterboxing is similar to geocaching, but instead of using a GPS it uses written clues! You can find letterbox listings on both Atlas Quest and Letterboxing North America


1) Find any letterbox or geocache.

2) Tell us about your experience making the find in the comments below! If applicable, include the geocaching number.