Micro Quest BINGO - 0 80 - DIY


At Quest Scouts Central we keep a file that is chocked full of future quest ideas. While we come up with most of them ourselves, some of you have begun writing in your ideas as well. Today's micro quest will give you a more formal chance to submit your proposals. If you do, you just might see one of your ideas in a future quest!


1) If you're a newer scout, take a few minutes to browse our past quests. Between our active and archived quests we've released thirteen since we launched a year ago. Something that newer scouts should keep in mind is that our objectives are not always micro quests. Some objectives may require much more time- or even a road trip!

2) Spend 5-10 brainstorming designing a quest. Of course it take a lot longer than 10 minutes to fully design a quest, but you'll have enough time to get started.

If you need some guidance, keep the following in mind:

What would your quest's theme be? What would you name the quest? (Names are usually between 1-3 words long.)

What objectives would the quest include? Objective categories include media, literature, travel, visit, research, art, photography, diy, find and games.

If you've got extra time, sketch out what you'd like the badge to look like! If you include anything specific in the badge, make sure to describe it.

3) If you'd like to share what you came up with, post it in the comments below. We may even adopt some of your ideas! If you'd rather not share, that's ok on this one. In that case, just tell us that you did it in the comments below. (We hope you share though!)