Stellar Micro Objective - Art - 50

Quest Scouts inspires your to squeeze the most out of life while collecting real-life, physical badges. 


Make yourself a handful of mini origami stars.


1) Choose a tutorial for mini origami stars. (Sometimes called Lucky Paper Stars.) You’re looking specifically for very small, puffy stars made out of one long thin strip of paper. We used this tutorial at Quest Scouts Central and it worked well, but we know different styles of instruction work best for different types of learners. This one looks promising as well.

2) Gather your supplies! All you need are long thin strips of paper. If you order a Stellar badge, we’ll send you a few double sided strips with your order! Otherwise, it’s not too hard to cut your own strips.

3) Make your stars. We suggest you make five or more, but don’t stress about it if you make less. (This is supposed to be relaxing!) 

4) Take a photo of your star(s) and share it on Instagram or Twitter with the tag #QuestScouts. Alternatively, you can also share your art in our Facebook group.