Fowl Play - Find - 300



Search for or hide a geocache or letterbox honoring our feathered friends.


1) Choose an avian related theme that appeals to you.

Need some inspiration? What about…

  • Highlighting a specific bird species

  • Creating a puzzle about migration patterns

  • Encouraging your finders to do some birding on the way to the hide and report what they saw in their log

  • Providing a feather quill for the purposes of log signing

  • Hiding your cache/box inside a fake birdhouse

2) Create a geocache or letterbox that highlights your feathered friends theme.

IMPORTANT! Make sure that as you create your hide, it truly is an homage to birds.

Your hide should utilize AT LEAST TWO of the following:

  • A name that alludes to your theme

  • An in theme logbook

  • An in theme container

  • A stamp relevant to your theme (Letterboxes, Letterbox Hybrids)

  • Written information about your theme (Teach them something!)

  • Be hidden at a relevant location

3) Hide, submit and have your hide approved.

4) Take a photo of your hide (either at its resting place or in progress) and post it on Instagram or Twitter with the tag #QuestScouts. Alternatively, you can also share your hide in our Facebook group.

5) Give us a link to your hide in the comments below. Additionally, tell us which of the two hide requirements listed about you included.

*A "find/hide" can be either a geocache or letterbox. Not familiar with either? Watch this video by Groundspeak, the #1 lister of geocaches or read about letterboxing from Atlas Quest. However, if you've never geocached or letterboxed, we highly suggest you start with a different find objective. It's best to make 100+ finds before you hide.