Fowl Play - DIY - 300



Taste a less conventionally eaten bird egg.


1) Choose a bird egg that is not commonly consumed in your country. For those who live in the US, this means any bird egg that is not from a chicken or duck. You are also highly encouraged to choose an egg type you haven’t previously eaten.

Edible bird eggs include:


2) Do your research and figure out where you can acquire your “exotic” egg. Then go get one!

3) If you eat the egg at a restaurant, this step is already done for you. For our home chefs, you’ll need to research how to prepare your egg, and then cook it.

4) Great, you’ve got a cooked egg in front of you. Now give it a try!

5) Take a photo to document your culinary adventure and post it on Instagram or Twitter with the tag #QuestScouts. Alternatively, you can also share your photo in our Facebook group.

6) In the comments below, describe your egg tasting journey. What egg did you try? Where did you get it? How was it prepared. And, most importantly, did it taste like chicken?!

Note: If (and only if) you have a dietary restriction that makes eating eggs a problem, please do the alternative Fowl Play DIY objective instead.