Sparkle - DIY - 150



Don a sparkling look through the aide of glitter.


Some of your will love this objective! Others might feel a little hesitant for a variety of reasons. Even if you’re not the glittery type, you’re encouraged to give this a try. Push yourself out of your comfort zone! Think of this as a bit of a sociological experiment.

1) Acquire body glitter. Body glitters come in a variety of shades and shapes. Search around and buy one that you like. (Or borrow some from a friend!)

2) Glitter it up! Apply the glitter anywhere you’d like, as long as it’s visible.

3) Wear the glitter for a full day. You can stay home, grocery shop, go to a party- whatever you’d like!

3) ) (Optional) Take a photo of yourself wearing the glitter and post it on Instagram or Twitter with the tag #QuestScouts. Alternatively, you can also share your experience in our Facebook group. (We’d love it if you all choose to share a photo of your glitter-fied self, but if you’re not comfortable skip it.)

4) In the comments below, let us know how your day of glitter went. What sort of glitter did you wear? What did it look like? Did you stay in or go out? How did other people react (or not react) to your glitter? Did you have fun with the objective, or not enjoy it?