Sparkle - DIY - 150



Crack open a geode.


1) Watch All About Geodes and How They Are Formed from JTV.

2) Aquire your geode. You can find them on Amazon, but unless you arrange a cost split with fellow scouts finding them locally in smaller quantities might be a better option. (Try toy stores or museum gift shops!)

3) Decide on your geode cracking method. Spend a while researching methods to split geodes. You can do this simply with a sock and hammer, or use more sophisticated tools. Pro tip: If you plan on tackling the visit objective by traveling to a gem show, vendors often offer the chance to crack open a geode.

IMPORTANT!!!: Whatever you do, please be safe! If you’re not up to this, team up with someone who is! Safety first!!! Know your limits and act accordingly.

4) Crack open your geode. (With or without assistance. See #3)

5) Oooooooooo! Check out what’s inside!

6) Take a photo of your geode and post it on Instagram or Twitter with the tag #QuestScouts. Alternatively, you can also share your photo in our Facebook group.

7) In the comments below, describe your experience. Where did you get your geode? What was the process of cracking it open like for you? What did you find inside?