Sparkle - Find - 400



Go metal detecting and find something shiny.


1) Acquire a metal detector. Ask around and see if you can borrow a detector from a friend. Rental is also an option, depending on where you live. This objective is worth 400 points in acknowledgement that obtaining a detector may take a fair amount of planning for some of you.

2) Choose an area to metal detect in. Beaches are usually a good choice, as you may find items lost by beachgoers, and digging in sand won’t disturb the environment. If you choose a non-sandy location, please make sure you’re allowed to dig in the area, and do so conscientiously.

3) Head out for a day of metal detecting! Spend at least two hours searching for treasure.

4) Take a photo of your of the items you dug up and post it on Instagram or Twitter with the tag #QuestScouts. Alternatively, you can also share your hide in our Facebook group.

5) In the comments below, tell us about your day of metal detecting. How did you acquire your detector? Where did you detect at? How did you choose that location? What did you find? Did anything interesting happen? Did you have a good time?