Sparkle - DIY - 200



Create a glittering craft project.


1) Identify a glitter craft project that you’d like to try. We’ve provided a list below for inspiration, but you’re welcome to choose a project from any source.


Glitter Confetti Clock

Glitter Photo Frames (For your fridge!)

Glitter Speckled Mugs

Happy Glitter Rocks (Use googly eyes!)

Glass Glitter Magnets

2) Make your project!

3) Take a photo to of your finished glitter craft and post it on Instagram or Twitter with the tag #QuestScouts. Alternatively, you can also share your experience in our Facebook group.

4) In the comments below, describe your glitter craft adventure. What did you make? What tutorial, if any, did you use? What type of glitter did you use? Was it any fun? Did anything interesting happen? Did you learn anything? Most importantly, how did your project turn out?