Sparkle - Travel - 400



Mine a gemstone from the earth or a river.


At 400 points, this objective isn’t easy. However, we chose this objective because we think it will provide an epic experience you’ll remember for a lifetime and is worth the time and effort.

1) Identify a location where you can legally mine gemstones. Make sure you note whether there is a fee to enter, as well as what tools you might need in order to mine.

2) ROAD TRIP!!! Head out to your prospecting area and search for gems! Don’t quit until you’ve found at least one! (This is why the research in step one is important! Identifying a good area will help insure you walk away with a win.)

3) Create and share a field report!
Please make sure to mention the following in your report:

-Your research leading up to your adventure. Please include where you searched and what type of gemstone was present there.
-A description of the day (Who you were with, what was the weather like…)
-What you liked about your adventure.
-What, if anything, you found challenging about your adventure.
-Anything else you think we might find interesting!

Post your field report in the comments below.

4) Take a photo of the gemstones you mined and post it on Instagram or Twitter with the tag #QuestScouts. Alternatively, you can also share your photo in our Facebook group.