Sparkle - Visit - 300


Attend a gem, rock and/or mineral show.


1) Identify a gem, rock and/or show you’d like to attend. These shows are events during which enthusiasts and vendors show off all sorts of cool sparkly treasures pulled from the earth.

Often called “gem and mineral“ or “rock and mineral” shows, the title matters less than what is shown.

Make sure that your event:

-Is “Limited Time” (Meaning that it isn’t a permanent display, but rather one time or seasonal)
-Showcases gems, rocks and/or minerals

For this objective you’ll most likely have to plan this out, mark it on your calendar, and wait for your chance to complete it.

2) Attend you gem, rock and/or mineral show.

3) While at the show, identify your favorite gem, rock or mineral on display. If possible, take a photo of it!

4) Share your photo from #3, as well as a description of what you’ve photographed, on Instagram or Twitter with the tag #QuestScouts. Alternatively, you can also share your photo in our Facebook group.

If you couldn’t take a photo for #3, do your best to describe what you saw without the aide of a photo.

5) In the comments below, share which (a) show did you attended and (b) one or more interesting thing(s) you observed at the show.