Tin Men - Research - 150



Dig deep and find out what aspects of your job could be done by robots or computers.


1) Dissect your job. Take some time to write out not only your job title, but what you do on a day to day basis. List as many aspects, big or small, that go into your job.

Notes: a) Being a stay at home parent is, most definitely, a big job. Don't let anybody tell you it isn't. b) Retired or unemployed? Choose a former job to research.

2) Spend some time researching how computer or robots have been developed, or are currently being developed, to complete aspects of your job. 

4) In the comments below, answer the following questions:

-What job did you research?

-What aspects of that job could feasibly be done by computers or robots? 

-In your opinion, what aspects of the job might the computer or robot do a better job than a human with? Conversely, what aspects are better done with a human touch?

-Are you freaked out by the idea of being replaced by a machine?