Tin Men - Visit - 300


Take field notes about an automoton in action.


1) Know what we're looking for in this quest through by carefully reading this section.

Mirriam-Webster describes an automaton as:

  1. a mechanism that is relatively self-operating; especially :  robot

  2. a machine or control mechanism designed to follow automatically a predetermined sequence of operations or respond to encoded instructions.

Think of an automaton as an old-school robot. Usually existing for the purpose of entertainment, they move in pre-programed directions in an attempt to mimic lifelike acts. While automatons are traditionally non-electric, animatronics are also acceptable for this quest. 

The key here is that we're looking for something that a) takes on living characteristics, b) moves in pre-programmed (non-spontaneous) tracks and c) exists primarily for entertainment.

2) Identify a location where you can visit and view an automaton. 

If you're not sure where to start, consider places of entertainment. Amusement parks, Chuck E Cheese, natural history museums, and so on.

3) Visit and watch the automaton in action. While there, take notes on the automaton's behaviors so that you can throughly complete step five.

4) Take a photo to document your visit and post the photo to Twitter or Instagram with the tags #QuestScouts and #Automaton or #Animatronic.

5) In the comments below, answer the following questions:

       1- Did you observe an automaton or animatronic? How can you tell?

       1- What did the automaton/animatronic look like?

       2- What movements could the automaton/animatronic make?

       4- How frequently were the movements repeated?

       5- Was there a crowd around? If so, what was their reaction to the automaton/animatronic?