Fowl Play - Research - Up to 100



Learn and practice a bird call.


1) Spend some time researching bird calls. How do you make them? Which birds are most often mimicked? Which birds are most easily mimicked?

2) Choose a call you’d like to imitate, then practice the call. (+50)

Notes: (1) If your research points you to instruments that help you create the sound, you’re welcome to use them! (2) Obviously this doesn’t include simply playing an audio recording of the bird. We want you to physically recreate the sound.

3) Record your best shot at your bird call. Remember, you’re not expected to “practice until perfect” on this relatively low point objective. The whole exercise, start to finish, is expected to take about an hour.

4) Share your recording with the Quest Scouts community (+50) by posting a link to it in the comments below.

Host the call anywhere you like. We suggest Youtube for video files, and Soundcloud for audio files. Really, you can host anywhere you’d like as long as it’s accessible to all.

IMPORTANT: You have not completed this portion of the objective if you have not made your call accessible through a public link below. For most objectives, we're pretty loose about the posting requirements. This is not the case here.

5) The points! Imitating the call in the privacy of your home (1-2) is +50 points. Sharing your recorded call (3-4) with your fellow scouts is another +50 points, for a total of 100. If you choose not to share your call, but still try it out on your own, you may collect 50 points without the additional 50 points you would have earned for sharing.