Park Explorer - Research - 100



Look into the origins of a local park and share what you discover.


Many of us enjoy the use of public parks, but often times we don't stop to appreciate where they came from. For this objective we'll learn the origins of a local park.

1) Choose a park within the borders of the city you live in. (You can also choose a neighboring city, the city your grew up in, or a city you will be vacationing to in the near future.)

2) Research the origins of the park. This can be done online, at your local historical society, or if possible, through plaques at the park itself. 

3) Describe what you learned in the comments below. Answer as many of the following questions below as possible. (If you don't get them all, don't worry about it!)

Know Your Park!

-When was the park established?

-Who owned the land before the park was established? How was the land acquired and made public?

-How did the park get its name?

-Are there any other interesting facts about the park? What are they?