Park Explorer - Visit - 300



Spend a day exploring a national or state park.


Did you know that the idea of Quest Scouts was born deep in the Grand Canyon? We at Quest Scouts have a huge love for our parks, and encourage you to visit them whenever possible. This objective is intentionally broad to allow you to enjoy your parks in whatever way works best for you.

1) Visit a state or national park. (And, of course, provincial parks work too!)

2) Spend at least a couple hours at the park of your choice. Go for a hike, take in a ranger talk, or simply spend time reflecting. 

3) Take a photo while at the park and post it on Instagram or Twitter with the tag #QuestScouts. Alternatively, you can also share your experience in our Facebook group.

4) Tell us about your park visit in the comments below. Where did you go? What did you do? Did you enjoy yourself?