Micro Quest - Prism & Light - 50


Yayoi Kusama’s interactive Obliteration Room begins as an entirely white space, furnished as a monochrome living room, which people are then invited to ‘obliterate’ with multi-coloured stickers. Over the course of a few weeks the room is transformed from a blank canvas into an explosion of colour, with thousands of spots stuck over every available surface. TateShots have produced this timelapse video of The Obliteration Room covering the first few weeks of its presentation at Tate Modern. It was conceived as a project for children, and was first staged at the Queensland Art Gallery in 2002. The Obliteration Room at Tate Modern is free, and is open to the public until 18 March 2012. Music courtesy of www.worldinwinter.co.uk

This 15 minute documentary tells the story of Denis Smith. Two years ago he was in a high pressure sales job suffering with depression, debt and alcohol problems. Then he discovered light painting, and his life changed forever... More Ball Of Light images/videos at www.balloflight.com.au More documentaries/videos at www.smithandcollins.com *NEWS* - Ball of Light won Best Documentary at the South Australian Screen Awards 2012! Delighted! *Ball of Light is still available to license for broadcast/distribution in some territories - please contact info@samcollinsmedia.com for details / promo high-def DVD mailout.


Learn about the art processes of Yayoi Kusama and Denis Smith.


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