Micro Quest - Prism & Light - 50



Go on a rainbowtastic scavenger hunt and photograph your finds.


Rainbowtastic scavenger hunt + photography. What could be better? Remember that this is a Micro Quest, emphasis on the "micro." Try to stick to the time limits for a fun 20 or so minute exercise. 

1) Choose a setting. We suggest somewhere inside, such as a home or office.

2) Grab a timer. Yep, time is important in this Micro Quest. 

3) Set the timer for seven minutes and press start. Scour you surroundings for small colorful items. Collect these items and place them in a central location, such as a table, desk, or the floor. Try and get items in every color of the rainbow. When your time goes off, stop collecting.

4) Set the timer for another seven minutes  and press start for a second time. Arrange your items from red to purple in a rainbow pattern. Again, make sure you stick to your time limit of seven minutes or less. 

5) Set the timer for seven minutes and press start one last time. Don't rush- seven minutes is plenty of time. Photograph your rainbow of objects. Try different angles and perspectives. When the timer goes off, stop!

6) Share your favorite photo on Instagram or Twitter with the tags #QuestScouts and #RainbowHunt. You can also share your experiences in our Facebook group.

(Remember that all posts tagged with #QuestScouts posted on a non-private Twitter, Instagram or Facebook account will show up on our Scout Board.