Micro Quest BINGO - I 21 - Photography


Wow Quest Scouts! We did it! We made it through all 24 days of Micro Quest BINGO! 


1) Take a photograph that shows us a piece of your world. This could be the beautiful fall colors that line your street, the break room at work or your morning bus ride. Whatever it is, make sure to take your time to get just the right shot.

2) Share your photo on Instagram or Twitter with the tags #QuestScouts and #MyWorld.

Since it's the last day you'll find a new objective here, we'd like to make sure you do a few things.

Have you?:

a) Yelled BINGO yet? If you've marked 5 consecutive spaces on your BINGO card make sure to let us know! Go here and follow the directions.

b) Chosen your next quest? If you enjoyed Micro Quest BINGO, join us for another quest!

You can find all available quests on our Quest List.

Micro Quest BIGNO - G 51 - Art


This micro quest is part of our ongoing series, "index card art." The concept is simple. Follow the art prompt and create art using a 4x6 or 5x7 index card as your canvas. We chose index cards for two reasons. First, index cards are inexpensive cheap and readily available. We don't expect that it will be difficult for any of you to procure an index card. Second, many who don't consider themselves "artists" tend to stress about creating or sharing art. Using an index card instead of a sketch book lends itself to silliness. Have fun with the prompt! We're not looking for perfection, just a good time. You can save your index cards and look back at them over time, or throw them away. The choice is up to you!


1) Gather your supplies. You'll need an index card (4x6 or 5x7) and a set of markers. (We used sharpies.)

2) Interpret the prompt below to make your index card art.


On the winning team.


3) Share a photo of your index card art on Instagram or Twitter with the tags #QuestScouts and #NotecardArt. 

Remember, if you post to a public Instagram or Twitter account your photo will show up on our Scout Board for other Quest Scouts to view and interact with.

Micro Quest BINGO - B 8 - Travel


As we settle into routines, our lives become predictable. That's not always a bad thing, but it is always a good idea to take a step back and make sure we're aware of our daily patterns. Today's micro quest is designed to do just that. 


1) Take some time to focus your awareness on your normal routines. What patterns do you follow on a consistent basis?

2) Identify a routine you can make a slight change to. 

3) Make a change! 

Example: On most mornings before work I walk to the 7-11 up the street and buy a Yerba Mate. To change it up, I could buy a different beverage or brew my own tea at home.

4) Let us know what change you made in the comments below.

Micro Quest BINGO - 0 75 - Literature



1) Watch the short film "What Makes You Happy" from Polyester Studio. Hopefully it will put you in a good mood. If not- roll with it!

2) Set a timer for 5 minutes. Spend the entire 5 minutes making a list of things that make you happy.

3) Place your list in a location where you will see it often. Our hope is that it will consistently remind you of the happier side of life.

4) Share one thing that makes you happy in the comments below. 



Congratulations! If you've marked off five BINGO squares in a row, you've completed Micro Quest BINGO! Woohoo! It's time to collect your badge!

Where should you go from here?

1) Comment below letting us know you completed the quest! 

If you're willing to spare some time to add a few details about your experience, we'd love to hear:

-What you enjoyed about Micro Quest BINGO,

-How many Micro Quest BINGO micro quests you've completed,

-Which micro quests were your favorite?

-Anything else you'd like to share!

2) Collect your badge!

Woohoo! For some of you, this will be your first Quest Scouts badge! While not all scouts collect badges, most of us do! Badges are a great way to keep track of your accomplishments. As promised, everyone who participated in Micro Quest BINGO will get a free sticky badge! (Just pay shipping.) 

Free sticky badge!

Go to the Scout Store and add your Micro Quest BINGO sticky badge to the cart. If you want both the sticky and tag badge, add that to your cart instead. 

During the checkout process you will be asked for a coupon code. The coupon code is WASHISNAMEO. Put it in, and the price of your Micro Quest BINGO sticky badge will be deducted from your order! It's that simple!


Micro Quest BINGO - 0 80 - DIY


At Quest Scouts Central we keep a file that is chocked full of future quest ideas. While we come up with most of them ourselves, some of you have begun writing in your ideas as well. Today's micro quest will give you a more formal chance to submit your proposals. If you do, you just might see one of your ideas in a future quest!


1) If you're a newer scout, take a few minutes to browse our past quests. Between our active and archived quests we've released thirteen since we launched a year ago. Something that newer scouts should keep in mind is that our objectives are not always micro quests. Some objectives may require much more time- or even a road trip!

2) Spend 5-10 brainstorming designing a quest. Of course it take a lot longer than 10 minutes to fully design a quest, but you'll have enough time to get started.

If you need some guidance, keep the following in mind:

What would your quest's theme be? What would you name the quest? (Names are usually between 1-3 words long.)

What objectives would the quest include? Objective categories include media, literature, travel, visit, research, art, photography, diy, find and games.

If you've got extra time, sketch out what you'd like the badge to look like! If you include anything specific in the badge, make sure to describe it.

3) If you'd like to share what you came up with, post it in the comments below. We may even adopt some of your ideas! If you'd rather not share, that's ok on this one. In that case, just tell us that you did it in the comments below. (We hope you share though!)

Micro Quest BINGO - I 29 - Find


New Scout Info:

The "find" objective will expose you to location based games. A lot of our Quest Scouts come from both the geocaching and letterboxing community. Coincidentally, most scouts tend to prefer one over the other. Sometimes in jest we call them "team geocache" or "team letterbox," as they are part of separate communities. At Quest Scouts we usually highlight geocaching, but are also a fan of letterboxing! (And we love our letterboxing Scouts!) Most "find" quests can be completed by finding a geocache OR letterbox with specific characteristics. 

Not sure which "team" you belong to? We suggest trying them both! Geocaching is a high tech treasure hunt. Geocachers use a GPS or their smart phone to locate hidden containers. Once they find the container, they sign their name in the logbook (found inside the container) and then "log" their caches online. While there are a few different geocaching websites, the most popular (by far) is Groundspeak. You may also want to check out this video.

Letterboxing is similar to geocaching, but instead of using a GPS it uses written clues! You can find letterbox listings on both Atlas Quest and Letterboxing North America


1) Find any letterbox or geocache.

2) Tell us about your experience making the find in the comments below! If applicable, include the geocaching number.